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Jobs on the Rise in 2021

Following on from a previous post about skills shortages – I would now like to share the findings of a LinkedIn report with you.

Just to recap – in my previous post I talked about skills shortages occurring in the following industries:

  • Health care and social assistance
  • Education and training
  • Construction
  • Mining, and
  • Transport, postal and warehousing.

The LinkedIn report outlines 15 emerging jobs of 2021 and I am pleased to say that it very much echoes the content from my previous post.

A snapshot follows but you can read the full report at Jobs on the Rise Reports | LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Covid-19 has put the focus on health care workers with special focus on nurses, doctors, paramedics, clinical specialists and mental health professionals.  This group also extends to social workers, youth workers and child welfare workers as the pressures from Covid have had an impact on social issues, such as housing, child care and general wellness and well-being.  People need the assistance of professionals to help them navigate access to support and services. 

Other health care and medical support roles are also emerging as professions in demand.  These include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, home care assistants and patient services staff.  Admissions to hospital continue and the population continues to age, all factors that are driving demand for services and the need for specialist health care services.

Next on the LinkedIn list are construction workers.  As outlined in the previous blog post his has been driven in Australia by the Federal and State government stimulus packages both in domestic housing and nation building infrastructure projects.  Site Managers, estimators and equipment operators are all in high demand.

There has also been a rise in demand for what was once considered a humble occupation: customer service – finally they are getting the recognition that they deserve. Their strong interpersonal and communication skills should never be underestimated.  How many times have we been grateful for a customer service agent who does their job well and solves our problem?   They are subject matter experts in their area of expertise – so don’t undervalue the service you get from a customer service professional.

Now here is a group that I haven’t mentioned before but can relate to on a personal professional level – and that is personal coaches.  Specifically LinkedIn discussed the changing world of recruitment and the need for specialised resume writing and coaching services.  Need I say more?  This is my passion and I have seen an increase in coaching clients during late January and early February. 

The next group on the list is real estate specialists.  This should not come as a surprise with Australia’s super low interest rates there has never been a better time to enter the real estate market.  The only concern for many is that property prices are rising fast as well.  The rush to escape from the city has also impacted the property market.   In demand professionals also include mortgage brokers to help navigate the plethora of loan options. 

Financial services specialists are also in demand, partly driven by the recent Banking Royal commission.  However, the focus here is on uncovering fraud and risk analyst.  So if your skills fall into the field of forensic accounting, risk analyst, taxation consultation then you may find yourself in demand.

Following on from fraud is the rising demand for cyber security specialists.  The increase in online scams and security threats has seen the demand for better and stronger detection and response by businesses grow.  The need to detect and eliminate is stronger than ever. And within this category there is a growing demand for data managers, web developers, IT engineers and specialist programmers.

Covid’s impact has also affected the way we buy so it is no surprise that e-Commerce skills are in demand.  Businesses are looking to transition away from bricks and mortar stores to online offerings and need savvy IT specialists to help them develop their sites.  But, along with that – products still need to get out the door so warehouse supervisors and inventory management professionals are in demand too.

Along with going ‘online’ businesses recognise that you can’t sell a secret so they are turning to social media to get the word out, using digital content specialists to do the job for them.  However, the draw back here is such specialists are usually freelance, servicing a number of clients across a range of categories.  Skills in demand are social media marketing professionals, web content writers, audio editing specialists and copy writers, as well as digital marketing experts, content designers and search engine optimisation specialties.  Every business wants to be at the top of the ‘Google’ search.

I also mentioned in the previous blog that educational workers were in demand and LinkedIn have confirmed that indeed they are essential workers.  Roles include early childhood educators and school principals.

If you want to progress your career and to take advantage of these career hotspots get in touch with me today so that I can help by developing your cover letter or selection criteria.


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