Supportive Interview Coaching

Have you landed an interview but wondering what to do next?

Your personal interview coach is here to help you be ‘interview ready’.

I can coach you around typical interview questions and help you develop a technique to nail your best pre-prepared interview responses.

Better still I can review the job advertisement and any job description to help you nail potential questions and have a set of responses ready.

I can tell give you calming techniques and tactics to buy you time while you gather your thoughts before responding.

To reinforce our discussion points I will give you home study resources for your review and continued learning.

Let me help you to be your best at this important phase of your career journey.

Get in contact with me today so you can take your career further.

These meetings are held at a convenient coffee spot or we can Skype.

If you also need my resume-done-for-you service – then contact me to discuss your needs.