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What can a resume writer do for you?

Resume writers either create an entirely new resume (if you have never had one before) or will re-write (and reformat) your existing resume.  Generally a reformat is necessary to bring your resume up-to-date and present it in a professional, consistent and coherent way.

The starting point for achieving a new resume is to begin with a review of your existing resume.  If you don’t have one, then I will provide you with a worksheet that you can use to capture all the information needed.  There will be a conversation to clarify any information such as dates or to gain more information about a particular job or company where you have worked.

A good resume writer does not embellish your roles or achievements but presents your success and accomplishments in the best possible way.  Your resume should reflect who you are and your personal job story. 

A good resume isn’t going to be over stylised – the formatting is important because any overcomplicated formatting – too many boxes or multiple fonts – is not going to help your resume get successfully past the applicant tracking system (ATS).  Resumes must be easy to scan by the ATS software as they read from left to right and top to bottom.  So fancy boxes located in the middle of your document may mean that any important information in that box might not get read correctly and appear jumbled.

The ATS can also act as a filter, reviewing every resume submitted and selecting only the most relevant, qualified applicants to go forward in the process.  As a resume writer I will tailor your resume to ensure that it includes the right keywords for your job or career sector

Getting your resume right is a partnership – we work together on the content and ensure that it accurately reflects your career journey.  This means I listen and learn from you to understand what your professional journey has been and what you need from your new resume.  There is a full development phase and a comprehensive revision process.  This will result in a professionally written resume that showcases your most relevant experience and achievements.

How to decide if you need a resume writer.

If you fall into any of these categories then I believe you need my help.

  • Time poor, overwhelmed or stuck and don’t know where to start.
  • You have been with your current employer for a while and haven’t applied for any roles recently.
  • You’ve decided you want to make a career change.
  • You’ve had a long gap between jobs.
  • You need help to clearly state your job tasks and achievements.

To get started contact me for assistance.


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